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Always-On Coffee Company

Our Founder's Story


A Haven created for us, by us. A place to enrich the lives of First Responders, Veterans, and their families through Mental, Physical, and Spiritual support- utilizing training, community building, and various programs designed to instill desire, hope, purpose, readiness, and a will to live during and after service.

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Your Story Is Our Story

Heroes Haven began as a community center that offered various programs to support veterans and first responders in our community. The response was incredible and the impact of Heroes Haven began to grow beyond weekly meetings, group workouts, and fellowship. The Get Back Up program was then built to teach those of us who find ourselves in the pits of despair that there is a point to tomorrow. There is a point to pushing on.

As a former law enforcement officer who experienced a traumatic brain injury while on duty, our founder knows through his own experiences that healing together can have a huge impact.