Mission First, Solutions to Problems


     Sometimes we get so entrenched in the news, negative social media posts, and just the weight of life, that we forget the reasons why we are free. Not only free but also why we are safe. We could write a pretty lengthy Blog on the "Cost of Freedom." From our end, it is sometimes hard that our Nations Heroes get a day or two of celebrating. What is more daunting is being forgotten. Or better yet, not interacting with that Veteran or First Responder, because they are "different" now. Let's take a minute and re-train our thought  process to maybe think, "changed." They say that hell changes you. As a former first responder,  I assure you there are things that we do day in and day out, that will in fact "change" you. The same goes for our Military Personnel. I know you are thinking it now, "yeah I know that Cop, he's kind of a dick, or that Veteran always seems on edge." While this blog post is not about that, let us look at something a little further.

     While you may be developing those thoughts, have you ever thought about the person that was effective. That they are probably having the same thoughts. Such as...." I never was like this before," "why do I feel so different." " I just do not feel the same anymore." There really is a cost to our freedom and our safety in this great nation. Someone paid it, and even though we rightfully so exploit " Some gave all." We have hundreds of thousands that did not perish but live daily wishing that they would have because of the effects of their duties.

     Here at Heroes Haven, we are so Mission focused on providing solutions to problems that our Nations' Heroes are facing. Including those who are still In-Service. We take creative approaches to provide the best experiences for our Nations Best to come alive again. There is a reason we say, "Let your Heart Beat Here." To find purpose again, to thrive, and to continuously move forward. Our time of Service may be over, but our purpose is not.