Donation Support

Want to be part of the effort but want it to be more practical? Want to know where you efforts and donations are going? This is the current operations outline of the 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.


Donation Support

Heroes Haven is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization (Donation Receipts available upon requests)


Program Facilities-

Victory Room- $375/mth $4,500 yr

Functional Fitness Area- $400/mth $4,800 yr 

Program Common Area- $1500/mth $18,000 yr

Ebay Listing Warehouse- $950/mth $11,400 yr


Admin Costs-

Marketing- 10% of program directors time

Social Media- 30% of IT Admin

Heroes Haven HQ Office- $150/mth $1,800 yr

Board of Directors- Volunteer Only


$3,000- Full Office Remodel with a Plaque of the name of the donor on the wall with this room named after you,  remembering your help for this cause. This will provide space where private counseling and work space for Hero Entrepreneurs to utilize. 


$2,000- Gas Funds- A lot of the Heroes that come to our place drive upwards of 30 minutes plus to attend events. One of the most common themes of lack of participation is gas money. This will be utilized to help each Hero attend events. 


What we need:

  • 40-$50 Gas Cards

$1,000- Monthly Food and Beverage/Utility supply. This will allow healthy food and drinks to be provided for participants and families at events.


What we need:

  • Gas Grill
  • Diet Soft Drinks
  • Water
  • Popcord
  • Trail Mix
  • Jerky
  • Granola Bars
  • Granola
  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Deli Meat
  • Mustard/Ketchup
  • Hot Dog 
  • Hamburger Meat

$1,000- Recreational Therapy Fund- Helping Heroes through our Hero Kayak program, Hiking and Camping Trips ran by a Wounded Veteran.


What we need:

  • 6 $50 Gas Cards For Travel
  • 4 Tents
  • Travel Medical Kit
  • One night Hotel Voucher in case of Inclement Weather 

$500- 2 Month Office Space utilization for a Veteran benefits liaison to be on site to help Veterans with benefits and navigation of VA.


What we need-

  • This covers the $250/month lease space for Veteran Resource assistance

$300- Technical support supplies and space utilization for our Mail Call program each month. Helping Heroes navigate “Once Simple Tasks” such as surprises in the mail and assistance in bills, sorting mail, and sending mail. 


What we need-

  • $133 for use of the room/ per month
  • Lined Paper
  • Stamps
  • Envelopes

$200- One week grocery support, this will also be utilized for Heroes having trouble purchasing groceries from either lack of finances or symptoms from PTSD making it a extreme challenge to go the store. 


What we need-

  • (4) 50 gift cards to either Kroger, Meijer, or Family Fare