FR 33 Training

FR33 Training:


     In our Functional Fitness Area our team come together to use fitness to offset the effects of Trauma. I heard a powerful statement from one of my Therapists who said, “ I would lose 80% of my clients if they would just get out and workout.” Studies have shown that trauma actually can be stored in fat cells. Exercise regains confidence in one’s self, feeling of being part of a Team again, and a way to channel aggression, and enhance sleep. A part of this is our HOOK program. Where At Risk Youth, Veterans, and First Responders are paired together for team building, a mission, and a sense of purpose. As a former Police Officer I would see our guys get shot or assaulted, and  the same happen with at risk youth. Unfortunately we would have a mindset that one is a Hero and one just “deserved” it from poor choices. Trauma is trauma and we want to provide solutions.