Job Training

Skilled Labor/Ebay Listings: 


We recently received a large donation of small motors, components, and gear actuators from the factory where we are embedded. This program teaches Injured Veterans/ First Responders a new skill set while pouring back into Heroes Haven. From learning about the product, to listing on Ebay, all the way to shipping to the customer. This is a task that warrants purpose, a reward, and follow through, all while aiding in the success of a new skill set. 


Reclaimed Wood Working: 


A local Air Force Veteran operates his small business in a portion of the factory connected to Heroes Haven. His business started out by “Curb Stalking,” junk that once had a purpose on the streets of Detroit, and turning it into something with beautiful purpose. We see this alot like PTSD, a lot of us feel we had a fantastic purpose at one point, and after our injury lost it and became broken and not of use anymore. This Veteran works with our participants at Heroes Haven to reverse this thought process and aid in the therapeutic benefits of woodworking. See the coming location below.