Mail Call


Post Trauma, simple tasks that may seem mundane to a lot of us,  become nearly impossible to navigate. One of these tasks is getting the mail, and navigating the stressors that come with it. Across all fields, military workers of all ranks were most likely to be divorced by age 30, at a rate of 15%. (The average age for divorce is 30 and roughly 40% of first marriages end in divorce, studies show.) Coping mechanisms such as alcohol and drug abuse become very common. With all these unfortunate impacts of trauma the mail brings things such as, legal notices, court appearances, divorce papers, child support, job loss, and past due bills. Couple this in a setting that most likely the recipient is alone, reminded of their circumstance which ensues hopelessness. Our solution is to be able to aid in this task by helping those affected learn to sort their mail, execute the task of whatever the mail brings, all while doing this as a team.