Our Goals

Our Goals:

  • To be a part of the SOLUTION and not the PROBLEM 
  • To have a “Haven” that houses activities and resources that someone post trauma might of lost interest in that was once of interest, and be able to do these things all in one place. 
  • To create a safe training environment for vets/ first responders and at risk youth to set goals, build relationships, and regain a sense of purpose while utilizing office space with professionals to help with counseling and mentoring.
  • To be a part of the SOLUTION and not the PROBLEM 
  • To assist in learning to skills to transition into a new career
  • To provide support for those affected after their trauma along with those who are caring for them. 
  • To use proven methods of community relationships and fitness to give back to those who gave a part of themselves to keep us free.
  • To aid veterans and first responders with extra help they may need from the stressors of the job i.e., recovery support groups, tutoring, and  recreational field trips.
  • To establish health through training and exercise to enhance the well-being of veterans first responders and At Risk Youth
  • To offer team training exercises which help strengthen community and re-build a sense of camaraderie among veterans and their families.
  • To use fitness at different levels to challenge each other to reach beyond what we think we are capable of achieving which in turn helps daily life .
  • To educate veterans, at risk youth, and first responders  in proper nutrition for a well-balanced life
  • To make available an onsite Mental Health Specialist to aid in debriefs if needed. 
  • To offer “DDP Yoga” to aid in meditation and wellness techniques provided by said Instructor. 
  • To partner with other like-minded programs and community members to better understand and serve those in need.
  • To schedule event times to build a consistency and structure for veterans/ first responders who are facing isolation.