Our Story

Who we are: 

So many of us hear about the "Cost" of Freedom, but a lot of time a lot of people think that is just for the ones that perished. The ones who are alive, and the ones who may still be in service face many problems. Kyle Hein is the founder of Mi Heroes Haven and after being injured faced many problems from his time of service as a police officer. He always had a belief to part of the solution and not the problem. These problems created opportunities that could help other people . This being a very abbreviated version of how we got our start, we want to emphasize that we are providing creative solutions from problems that our nation's Heroes our facing. We are an actual place , a Haven, a place of safety and refuge. Under one roof, one team, we are encouraging and pointing our Nation's Heroes in the right direction moving forward in their lives with purpose Thank you for time and support!  



  • Strength- Spiritual, Mental, and Physical
  • Honor- Respect towards your peers and the organization
  • Integrity- Holding truth to a higher standard than self
  • Loyalty- Commitment to others more than Self.
  • Discipline- Self Control
  • Service- Catering to others needs before self.


Our Purpose:


  • Statistically, veterans and those with PTSD who participate in physical activity experience fewer PTSD symptoms and are less likely to feel isolated.
  • Camaraderie enhances a sense of purpose, which many veterans state they miss the most about serving. 
  • Reduce gang involvement giving at risk youth a new “team” to function with. 
  • Establishing healthy patterns for eating and lifestyle which enhance the wellbeing of the individual participating, along with those around them. 
  • Due to self medication, isolation, and other stressors, veterans tend to become complacent and gain excess body weight. 
  • 22 veterans a day commit suicide ( not including 1st responders) , our goal is to create a new mission and purpose for those that may feel “lost.”
  • Those who are serving/served who are engaged with a community are less likely to face depression , suicide , criminal activity, and relationship problems .

Address: 402 Haven St, Eaton Rapids MI, 48827
Email: miheroeshaven@gmail.com
Phone: (517)706-1200